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"It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others." — John Andrew Holmes

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Stakeholder Engagement

Unlock the Value of Your Local Business Community
Most companies today recognize, at least at a the high-level, the consequences and negative impacts of their choices on the communities in which they conduct their day-to-day business.  Some...read more »
Creating Value Alignment with Stakeholders around...
Do you experience business sustainability resistance within your organization?  Do you feel like sustainability concepts are working against the flow?  The direction of resistance is often...read more »
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What You Need to Know about Social Media Engagement...
One of the great challenges facing sustainability, especially business sustainability, is the ability to measure success. The other challenge, is communicating that success in...read more »
Reciprocity: A Best Behavior To Have with Social Media...
It’s easy to see why Why Smart Marketers Use Social Media for Green Business Branding. Social media engagement enables: Building better relationships with partners, prospects and...read more »
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Executive Mindsets for Sustainability

Small Business Guide to a Greener 2015
Why would a small business owner consider going green?  In a nutshell, integrating sustainability concepts, or "going green" into core business functions makes companies more nimble in a...read more »
What is the Role of Resilience in Business...
What are the forces that will shape the future face of business?  Will they show up as risks or opportunities?  How might our organization be affected?  The answer to these questions may be...read more »
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