10 Tips to Be Your Best Green Self

image: cacoon to butterflyWhat does it take to be your best self?  Many in the personal development arena would suggest identifying your best qualities, setting high personal expectations, and a willingness to live boldly as the secret sauce for personal actualization.  But, how does this apply to personal sustainability?  What does it take to be your best green self?  

Identifying what green is, and more specifically, what green means to you and your life is a first step.  Many "eco curious" clients express confusion as to what it means to live green.  A sustainable lifestyle often means different things to different people.  For those well versed in sustainability concepts, a sustainable lifestyle may be very different compared to someone just beginning to make sustainable life changes.  Keeping it simple, a sustainable lifestyle is about making choices and taking eco actions and can be categorized in different areas of our lives.  It is a primary focus on eco awareness with actions towards reducing ones carbon footprint, managing waste, and embracing sustainability concepts in decision making.

The post, Great Green Expectations: What are Yours? explores the correlation between expectations and results.  The bigger our dreams and expectations are for ourselves, the more we live in to them.   Benchmarking personal environmental impacts in a sustainable lifestyle is one way to measure success and build upon those successes for continual growth. 

Living boldly is taking grand eco action in the areas of your life.  While it's great to have big green aspirations, without eco action, it is only good intent.  A question to ponder is, what do you expect from yourself?  "We tend to live up to our expectations". -E. Nightingale  Following are resources available to get your on your way to living bold and becoming your best green self. 


Comments for 10 Tips to Be Your Best Green Self

Name: Tray
Time: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Name: Maliah
Time: Friday, March 2, 2012

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