12 Ways for Small Businesses Mitigate Risk by Going Green in 2012

image: green businessIt is not uncommon for small business owners to falsely believe that their business it too small or too service based to benefit from the rewards of "greening" their business.   However, small businesses are just as susceptible to the risk larger organizations face: regulatory and legal risk, operational hiccups, and reputational risk.  

As 2012 quickly approaches, our business sustainability consulting practice encourages our clients to look at risks through the lens of business sustainability.  Business sustainability is a vehicle enabling your business to meet your goals of profit, growth, and revenue while positively impacting the environment and the social realms of your business.  

Consider how asking the following questions from a business sustainability perspective differ from the traditional approach and how your 2012 could be different.  

•    What business are we in?

•    What are the industry risks?

•    What's our unique positioning within the industry, and what gives us competitive advantage?

•    What are the strategic imperatives that are tied to our overall strategy? 

•    What are the processes that are tied to the strategic imperatives, and then the risks that are tied to those?


Early adopters of a pro-environment policy are answering these questions differently.  Business sustainability reshapes the business conversation.  By evaluating business risks through the lens of sustainability, small businesses are benefiting from the tangible and intangible rewards of going green:


•    Improve Business Reputation

•    Create Brand Differentiation

•    Capture Industry Synergies with other Sustainable Businesses

•    Reduce Business Cost

•    Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention

•    Lead Your Industry in Best Practices

•    Improved Stakeholder Engagement

•    Respond to Consumer Eco-Preferences 


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