24 Ways to Make Good Friday- Eco Friday

image: spring For many, Good Friday is the beginning of a long holiday weekend away from work or school.  It offers time to spend with family and friends in a usually more moderate climate.  So if you are looking for something to do, why not take the opportunity to engage in some fun eco actions this weekend that won’t set you back a lot of money or hurt the environment?  
Here are 24 fun and different eco activities to save some green:
1.    Go for a hike in the woods.
2.    Have a picnic.
3.    Take the kids to the park.
4.    Visit a museum -There are lots of free museums and many others take a donation.
5.    Work on an arts and craft projects.
6.    Go paperless for the entire day.
7.    Watch this video on recycling and see how these recycling tips make a big difference in saving our environment while creating green jobs in the process.
8.    Check out fun online games that challenge your eco-socio-political skills.
9.    Look around your home and office and unplug seldom used appliances.
10.    Learn ways to recycle your junk.
11.    Eat an organic meal or purchase some fruits and veggies from a local farmer's market and compost your vegetable scraps.
12.    Do some bird watching.
13.    Go for a bike ride.
14.    Roller blade, Run, Ski, exercise outdoors.
15.    Visit the zoo.
16.    Go camping - enjoy the US National Parks system.
17.    Apply the 3 R’s to your closet: reduce by removing clothes you no longer wear, reuse and recycle by donating to a local clothing donation.
18.    Visit a street fair.
19.    Bake organic goodies.
20.    Make a birdhouse.
21.    Stroll through a public garden.
22.    Work on your own garden.
23.    Take advantage of local cultural events.
24.    Clean out your house and have a garage sale.
While there are numerous benefits to green living, a common misconception is that it requires additional effort and costs more.  This is simply not the case.  Our eco friendly training classes and personal consulting offer fun ways to kick start living a sustainable lifestyle.  The first step is simply increasing one’s daily eco awareness.  Why not start this weekend? 

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