5 Sure Fire Ways to Find your Green Social Media Voice on Twitter

image: find your voiceA major component of any corporate sustainability plan isn’t so much how a company carries out those strategies but also how it communicates it to its many stakeholders.  There is an emerging role of social media for stakeholder engagement and for businesses to communicate their broader corporate responsibility agenda.  Within our sustainability consulting, we've discovered that social media executed successfully, can be a powerful vehicle to build sustainable business communications by engaging with stakeholders. 

When businesses create an account on Twitter, they must consider the right “Brand Voice.”   The same holds true for sustainability professionals, consultancies, and personal branding.  Shaping transparency and authenticity through a series of 140 characters can be a challenge much less the effort of connecting and sharing relevant content with key stakeholders.  What are social media success best practices for defining your voice on twitter?  Consider how leveraging one of the following suggestions can aid in your social media marketing strategy.   

  1. Subject Matter Expert:  Are you an expert on renewable energy? Water? Energy Effcieincy?  Sustainable supply chain? While these topics all fall under the umbrella of sustainability, each are sustainability concepts that garner unique insights, information, and expertise.  Tweeting your knowledge and insights on the topics garners credibility for your brand as well as powerfully contributes to the sustainability conversation.  Good examples include: @packagingdiva for sustainable packaging, @elainecohen for HR for CSR and @DRMeyer1 for sustainable supply chain. 
  2. Community Builder: Are you passionate about generating momentum on sustainability concepts?  Perhaps spreading information on sustainable lifestyles or green business is your twitter calling.  Build the green twitterers by promoting relevant content and key green influencers by rewtweeting, commenting, recommending others to follow. Host and participate in twitter chats.  
  3. Green Nay Sayer: Do you have a critical eye or a provactive perspective?  By asking questions and probing conversations, you have the opportunity to invoke further explanation.  Questioning invites innovation. A good reference point is @JenniferWoofter as she offers a provocative and different perspective on business sustainability topics. 
  4. Reporter:  Spring season brings May flowers and also sustainability reporting and conferences.  If you have a pulse on what's new, be the go to tweep for sustainability reporting and upcoming conferences.  Post upcoming conferences, engage with attendees, recap conference findings and promote conference engagement.  @RealizedWorth on twitter offers several excellent blog post on employee volunteering and CSR conferences.
  5. Idea Generator: Sharing content is great but eco action is better.  Providing inspiring, easy ways to go green throughout the day is like a green public service announcement encouraging others to take action.  Connecting the dots between eco info and eco actions is a big gap to fill.  Tweeps doing it well on twitter include: @greendreamin and @SCJGreenChoices.  

The propagation of sustainable information to effectively communicate business sustainability successes is becoming a more active dialog.  Find your voice! Connect and engage in the green twitterverse! 

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