5 Ways to Green Your Summer Fitness Routine

image: green exerciseIt’s no secret that going green is all the rage these days.  In fact, being eco-friendly is more popular and well accepted now than ever before in history. The thing is, eco awareness is gaining momentum, but not everybody knows exactly how to take the concept of going green and how to break it down into their day to day habits. 
As mentioned in the post, Green Your Routine: 7 Different Days of Green, there are so many ways to green your daily routine , but now that summer is here, what are some ways to green your exercise routine?  You may not think that a few simple eco actions can help you get fit and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, but if you follow these tips you’ll be well on your way! 

Employ the sustainability concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle:
Hydration is critical in the summer months.  Opt for a reusable water bottle.  Also, reuse and recycle old shoes and clothes by donating them to charity of recycling them.

Eat Organic and buy food and sports drinks in bulk.  Sports bars, gels, and drinks are sold in conveniently small packages that you can take along on your ride or hike. But instead, buy the largest sizes available, then chop up bars, put gels in a refillable flask, and use your own bottle for liquids.

Enjoy nature: walk, run, ride a bike outside.  For those living a sustainable lifestyle, this message is meaningful.   Lead author Netta Weinstein notes: "We are influenced by our environment in ways that we are not aware of.  Because of the hidden benefits of connecting with nature, people should take advantage of opportunities to get away from built environments and, when inside, they should surround themselves with plants, natural objects, and images of the natural world. "The more you appreciate nature, the more you can benefit," she says. 

Become familiar with Leave No Trace concepts and practice them.  While you're training or racing, do what campers do and pack out waste until you can find a place to trash, compost, or recycle it.

Use natural personal care products: natural deodorants and sun block.  Using organic personal care products is not only good for you, but it's also good for the environment and supports sustainable businesses.  Visit Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Database to raise your eco awareness and learn more about which products are best for you.

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