7 Ways to Change Habits to Change Our World


image: change your thoughts, change your worldWe are all familiar with habits - they are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without one directly thinking consciously about them.    In the world of sustainability plans, this unconscious display of habits is a fertile ground of opportunity offering low hanging fruit for eco action. 

The question is, How do you get leaders, employees, customers — and even yourself — to change behaviors? Executives can change strategy, products and processes until they're blue in the face, but real change doesn't take hold until people actually change what they do.

“Fear-driven behavior change only motivates for as long as people feel the issues are pressing on them. As soon as the fear recedes, so does the motivation.” -Peter Senge, MIT Sloan School of Management

Rather than focus on the negative impacts of a decision point, why not focus on expanding eco awareness and the exploration of business value through accessibility to information?  Our professional consulting finds this ‘positive engagement’ practice already in practice within businesses and organizations around the world.  

Following are 7  ways to change behavior.  Which ones will work best for your organization?  Which ones resonate with you personally?  Which ones will stick and make a difference in our world?  Read and fin out!  

  1. Ten Ways to Get People to Change
  2. Push, Nudge, or Gaming: Changing our Future for Good 
  3. The Power of Positive Green Thinking 
  4. Nature: The Natural Mood Enhancer
  5. 15 Random Acts of Green Kindness 
  6. The Power of Words to Create a Culture of Sustainability 
  7. The Power of Thoughts - “Whatever you focus on expands.” – Christopher M. Knight.  

At the heart of sustainable living and sustainable business strategies lies a foundation of innovation; refreshing new approaches that deliver unprecedented results.  While the media and mainstream may be populated with stories of mishaps, failures, blame, and make wrong, have you ever stopped to count the millions of blessings, successes, and things that are going right in our world?  Through our daily living, we are presented with opportunities to expand our eco awareness and make informed choices. As we align our green thinking with meaningful eco actions, we inspire others to do the same. Change a habit and change the world




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