8 CSR Communications Trends Powered by Social Media

image: social media and stakeholder engagement Social media executed successfully can be a powerful vehicle to build sustainable business communications by engaging with stakeholders.  With new tools and strategies changing the way the business world communicates and exchanges information, social media is becoming the transparent, engaging, competitive advantage that business sustainability delivers.   However, to effectively harness the power of social media to create business sustainability value, our sustainability consulting explores emerging social media trends in CSR communications. 

Social Media Marketing gains impact as key communications tactic

- Companies see the importance of building brand equity through social media
- Stakeholder engagement grows and companies seek ways to leverage data
- Evolution of engagement is accelerated by empowered consumers
- Need for social media marketing strategy and systems are key

Communications Evolve
- We are all marketers now
- Evolution from ‘all about us’ to ‘all about them’ - increased collaboration with stakeholder engagement
- Two-way marketing strategies support social shift – monolog to dialog marketing
- Need for integrated strategy and plan

At Taiga Company, we believe there is an emerging role for social media in stakeholder engagement and for businesses to communicate their broader corporate responsibility agenda.  Social media provides individuals, communities, businesses, and non-government organizations the ability to connect with business in meaningful discussion from anywhere in the world in real time.  

However to focus the corporate ear, business sustainability minded organizations must effectively and mindfully engage with those stakeholders who have a vested interest in the success of the business.  Our professional consulting stresses the importance of a defined social media strategy as part of an overall business sustainability plan.  For more information, visit  us at Taiga Company.  

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