A Personal 20-20-20 Plan

image: energy efficiencyAs the global population continues to increase and emerging economies continue to develop, the demand for energy will inevitably increase.  In addition, the direction of climate change policy is to decrease total emissions by a measurable amount by a defined target date.  These may seem like two opposing paths; however, personal action may provide a bridge gap?

There is currently a European 20-20-20 Mandate to: cut emissions, grow the use of renewables, and increase energy by 20 percent by 2020.  Leveraging this as a model, how could a personal sustainability plan support global climate change targets and add immediate personal value if we each made a similar 20% personal commitment?

Personal emissions are almost exclusively driven by two major sources.  A commitment to cut personal emissions by 20% can be easily achieved by evaluating alternatives in the following areas:

•    Evaluate home electricity sources.
•    Evaluate personal transportation fuels and/or technologies.

The remaining energy consumption reduction opportunity could be addressed in energy efficiency.  A commitment to increase energy efficiency by 20% can be easily achieved by evaluating efficiency practices and technologies in a pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle:

•    Reduce unnecessary electrical consumption: unplug seldom used devices.
•    Use natural lighting as well as compact fluorescent bulbs.
•    Evaluate home insulation.
•    Use energy star or similar rated equipment.

Our eco living consulting has observed individuals taking personal action in energy management decision making by evaluating energy efficiency and renewable options.  We encourage everyone to consider a 20-20-20 commitment as part of a personal sustainability plan.

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