A Simple Guide to Making Green New Year's Resolutions Stick

image: resolutionsToday, escalating conversations on topics such as climate change, carbon legislation, energy independence, and growing consumer eco awareness generate forward eco movement for some but simultaneously create confusion and skepticism for others.  While many New Year's resolutions were made to address these issues, many find that those resolutions are too big of a chunk to bite off.  So how do you keep your green New Year's Resolutions?

From our small business consulting practice, we hear how clients have tried to change old habits, create better ones, get different results at the beginning of each year and usually, all start out with strong intentions only to find a few weeks or months into the year, those good intentions are long gone.

But this year, wouldn't it be great to get some of them to stick?  In our sustainable business programs we address these topics. Here are a few guidelines to get you going.

1.    Select a sustainability concept that you feel inspired to act on.  Break down large goals into smaller ones.  The post Eco Math shows us how.   Eco math = the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.  Each day we are presented with opportunities to expand eco awareness and make informed choices.    By making changes that are inspiring and manageable relative our current lives, the process of incorporating sustainability becomes much easier.

2.    Break it down.  Start by working backwards working from the end result to where you are now.  One of the biggest problems is that the goals we set are sometimes too drastic or too big to bite off.  We make efforts towards that goal and when we see little to no progress, we give up.  So, by breaking it down, backwards, you get an idea of what stage you would like to be in towards that development.  Then, start taking action towards the smaller, incremental goal.  In time, that goal will lead you to the next incremental goal and then the final goal.

3.    Recognize and acknowledge indicators.  Indicators are improvements in your mood towards your goal.  If you are feeling good about your efforts, how you are doing, noticing yourself taking action in a positive way, acknowledge yourself.  The key is in knowing how to benchmark success in green living.  The post, SAP's Carbon Exploration: Your Personal Green Scorecard for Green Living,  offers a pathway to understanding and benchmarking your sustainable lifestyle choices.

4.    Have fun with it.  If you can find creative ways to document your efforts and success while holding yourself accountable, then you'll not only find success but enjoy the process as well.  "Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still."  ~Chinese Proverb

Wishing you a success in your sustainable New Year's Resolutions! 

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