A Sustainability Business Culture Equals a Happy Business Culture

image: well beingWhen you think of a "business sustainability culture" what comes up for you?  It is so big and broad in scope that it is hard to define? Or, on the contrary, is any one definition of it can too narrow or limiting in its definition.    This dual state presents a number of challenges when attempting to focus the business sustainability conversation.  
However, the post, Happiness and Your Company, offers some tangible and familiar concepts to contextualize a business sustainability culture.  Leveraging well being and happiness, "The key things which increase wellbeing are connection to friends, family and community; giving back and volunteering; being physically active; having life goals and continuing to learn; and taking notice and being engaged. These are what the New Economics Foundation think tank calls the "five ways to wellbeing." 
Views from a different perspective, isn't CSR a mechanism for corporate well being? Considering   community, stakeholder, and specifically, employee engagement are all part of a sustainable business culture.  How might these apply to all parts of the organization? What are some of the components of a sustainable business culture?      
Employee Engagement : Employee Engagement Matters
A business sustainability culture is all about inclusion. By embracing sustainability’s core principals of inclusion, transparency, and engaged communication with stakeholders, a sustainable business culture is not only possible but encourages well being and satisfaction within multiple levels in the organization.   

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