Action Steps To Business Sustainability

image: next stepsWhile making a sustainable change doesn’t have to be a laboring task, the pursuit of business sustainability is a continuous process of inspiration and action.  It requires openness to expanded eco awareness and a commitment to long-term business solutions.  Sound simple…it can be!

Establishing a focused business sustainability approach will facilitate lasting results for your business. Breaking down the journey into manageable milestones is one way to ensure that your approach is aligned in with your overall business sustainability objectives, without overwhelming the business or your employees. 

Getting started can often be the most difficult step in your business sustainability journey.  Consultants in our sustainability consulting are frequently asked: where should we begin?  Why not start with inspiration:

•    Engage key stakeholders (e.g. employees, investors, customers) in the process to expand you business sustainability knowledge.
•    Identify sustainable growth potential in a particular area or across the entire organization.
•    Set a vision for business sustainability, what you want to achieve.

Actions speak louder than words and true business sustainability value capture will come from individuals and organizational action.  Now act on inspiration:

•    Develop sustainable business strategies to bridge the gap to what you want to achieve.
•    Clearly communicate an action plan to your business stakeholders.
•    Enable the organization and its stakeholders to take inspired action.

To complete the business sustainability loop, the business must expand its knowledge from experience and create opportunity for further inspiration.

•    Actively monitor and review successes and failures with stakeholders.
•    Capture and implement lessons learned and ideas for future action.
•    Recognize and reward individual effort to promote continued engagement.

At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting works with clients to incorporate sustainability concepts into business core practices.  We work with business leaders, work groups, and stakeholders to recognize the importance of business sustainability as a key value driver for the company’s growth and success.

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