Answering the Question of What is Green Living?

image: what is green living?Look around and you'll see going green slogans everywhere.  The web is full of information on going green, living a sustainable lifestyle and advice on personal sustainability.   For many, this mountain of information can be confusing and at times a little overwhelming.   In fact, the post, A Practical Plan for When You Feel Overwhelmed, refers to overwhelm and its effect on our ability to make choices.  "The more numerous our options, the more difficult it becomes to choose a single one, and so we end up choosing none at all. That's what happens when we have too many things to do. We become overwhelmed and don't do any of them."
Navigating the green waters starts with getting clear on what it means to be green.  Is it living off the grid? Living in a green house? Working at a green job?  What exactly does it mean to be green - to you?   At its essence, a sustainable lifestyle, or living green, refers to a lifestyle and set of choices that minimizes a person's environmental impact.  While living green embraces sustainability concepts of efficiency, organics, waste management, and so forth, the mindset is more important than the eco actions.  Why?  Because life is dynamic.    As expressed in our eco friendly training, applying sustainability concepts one way today may not be the sustainable solution of tomorrow.  Your life circumstances change so it's in your approach to life that matters.  
Green living evolves.  For those well versed in sustainability concepts, a sustainable lifestyle may be very different compared to someone just beginning to make sustainable life changes.  Keeping it simple, there are eco actions that can be categorized in different areas of our lives.  
Protect natural resources: start by rethinking consumption patterns for energy and water needs and identify ways to curb unnecessary consumption.
Limit waste: start by eliminating food waste.  Pre plan your meals, buy in bulk, and prepare what you need.  Compost and turn your old food into healthy soil.
The post, Green living: How to Shop Green, illustrates how to purchase items with the eco awareness in mind.  
Inspire others: adopt a green attitude.  The post, The Benefits to Living a Green Lifestyle, offers inspiration to begin taking eco action. 
Measure your results! SAP's Carbon Exploration: Your Personal Green Scorecard for Green Living highlights areas for improvements in living green. 
If you have a vague sense of which eco actions to take for the environment, but don’t know how to get started, let us know.  Many of our clients contact us for help in translating eco awareness into day to day choices and decisions that support the environment.   Or, visit the Taiga Company resource page, Oxygen, for answers and information on common topics, issues, and questions regarding business sustainability and living a sustainable lifestyle. Better yet, listen to the podcast, What is Living Green.  

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