Applying Sustainable Tools to Lean Your Company

image: getting leanSustainability is a defined as a continuous pursuit, and not all businesses and individuals are necessarily at the same level of understanding or implementation.  Whether your company is just becoming familiar with the concept of business sustainability or is a sustainability leader in an industry, there are sustainable performance improvements that can help move your organization along its continuous improvement journey.  Determining the criteria and right-fit tools that will move the company up the sustainability learning curve are critical components in implementation success.

Most of the prospective clients that approach us are at the front end of the sustainability continuum.  While these businesses often seek to quickly move up the scale, successful organizations identify and implement sustainable business process changes.  The true value capture from business sustainability will come from the successful implementation of sustainability concepts and strategies into core business functions.

Take for example, Xerox, the company is building sustainability concepts into its traditional printing and office solutions offerings.  They are helping companies like Procter and Gamble, a large print and paper user, implement lean sigma principles into their operations.  The sustainable benefits P&G has seen include:

•    20-25 percent cut in operational costs
•    30 percent cut printer-related power usage
•    20-30 percent reduction in paper consumption

While P&G’s implementation represents only one process flow in the larger organization, the implementation of a sustainable process change is helping to move the company further down the path towards business sustainability.  The implementation of efforts to improve business operations that are aligned with sustainability concepts are part of the larger continuous pursuit of business sustainability.

Today’s business leaders recognize that their response to on-going market changes and the implementation of sustainable business practices ultimately affects company profitability.  At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting works with clients to build a strong financial case for business sustainability.

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