Appraisal Season is Upon Us: What Do You Recognize and Reward?

image: Feed BackAs we once again enter what is for many is a critical time of the year, our sustainability consulting reminds business leaders the importance of promoting performance rather than judging it.  Too often organizations base their talent management discussions on the ‘non-met’ criteria in the performance agreements with their staff.  Instead, we believe this discussion can be a prime opportunity to enhance engagement and business sustainability.

“Use rewards and recognition programs to promote teamwork, breakthrough ideas, and cross-silo thinking—and in the process, you’ll build your company’s reputation as a hotbed of innovation while retaining your most talented employees. Finally, communicate the importance of innovation from the top to reinforce the need for breakthrough products.”  – CEB Views

Building upon this concept, we turn our attention to a new resource.  The Economic Times post, Organizations Need to Foster Innovation and Creativity, offers its own perspective on the goals of performance management in today’s business environment.  Stressing the importance of aligned and positive goals, the article stresses the need to include stretch-goals to basic performance standards.  Specifically, the author encourages companies to recognize and reward those who creatively go above and beyond. 

At Taiga Company, we find highly effective organizations are creating business sustainability cultures to drive performance.  Rather than focusing on short-term metrics, our sustainability consulting encourages companies to drive true business sustainability through continuous communication and stakeholder engagement strategies.  In doing so, companies should take into account the knowledge and talents of their own internal resources. 

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