Are You on an Open Path to Sustainable Innovation?

image: roadmapThe Forbes Magazine article, How to Be a Top 50 Innovator, discusses the characteristics of sustainable business leaders and compares the companies at the top of the list.  While new product development is often a mark of innovation, this Top 50 list represents a much broader perspective.  Which path is your business currently pursuing? 

“Too many companies see innovation as merely coming up with new products or services. Certainly, that’s part of it. But at its core, innovation is all about thinking differently than you have in the past. It’s about finding new ways to improve internal systems and processes.”

As sustainability consultants, we wonder: What circumstances, frameworks or parameters need to be in place to spark creativity and innovation in a business?   The conversation of business sustainability may be the answer to that question.  A commitment to sustainability uncovers opportunities to explore, develop, collaborate, and innovate both within the organization and with the larger business community. 

Our professional consulting recognizes the need for companies to step out the confines of traditional business and leverage the creativity of their employees, suppliers, and end consumers.  In doing so, we find that sustainability concepts naturally find their way into the fabric of the organization.  Interested?  Well, you better get started because these transformative actions are already finding their way into practice today.

“Leading innovators create a safe learning environment where experimentation and fast failure are encouraged, and establish forums conducive to breakthrough ideation”. –CEB Views

At Taiga Company, our business sustainability offerings are geared toward encouraging business sustainability, driving innovation, and expanding eco awareness as an asset of the organization - particularly through stakeholder engagement. We work directly with clients to capitalize on social media for sustainability as key component of a dynamic business model.

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