Balance New Year Uncertainty with Sustainable Innovation

image: innovationThe New Year opens as many of the most recent years have, with a general felling of uncertainty in the business world.  While many analysts have business sustainability risk levels peaking out to start the first quarter, our sustainability consulting is very optimistic about the opportunities that the next twelve months will offer to the ambitious and forward thinking executives.  We once again view business sustainability innovation to be the catalyst for growth in 2012.

In support of this line of thinking, the post Innovation Planning in Turbulent Times offers insight into the challenges and off-setting business sustainability strategies for the coming year.  Recapping a volatile past twelve months, the article spotlights innovation as a stabilizing force in economic uncertainty.
  • Improve satisfaction with your innovation investments
  • Identify the breakthrough trends impacting your industry
  • Optimize your portfolio to better balance breakthrough and incremental innovation
  • Reduce the risk of your innovation investments

Business sustainability is a about identifying and pursuing actions that promote the long-term stability of the company’s business direction.  By seizing new opportunities to improve competitive positions, our sustainability consulting finds business leaders are seeking out innovative solutions as the catalyst for growth.   In fact, research shows that innovation will be essential to both short-term opportunistic value capture and longer-term business sustainability.

At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting believes that the promotion of new ideas is essential for business sustainability.  Thus, we offer information and a variety of resources to tap into the creative mindsets of both your internal and external business sustainability stakeholders.

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