Building on the Basics of Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement

image: building blocks“Company leaders must get back to basics when dealing with complex issues affecting purchasing and supply logistics.  Companies must focus on empowering leadership teams, exchanging information in real time, and installing reliable, adaptable technology that can integrate data to successfully manage the global manufacturing process.” 

This commentary was taken from the recent post, Leveraging Key Resources for Global Firms, which probes the idea that companies need to spend a little less time on strategy and little more time on implementation.  Focusing specifically on resource engagement, the author asks some probing questions:

  • How do I manage the operations and inventories of partners that exist outside my four walls?
  • Which are critical to my company's service levels? 
  • And how do I empower my people and partners to make good decisions and deliver superior service to our customers?

The fact that many executives are asking these same questions indicates that there is a unique opportunity to increase profitability through sustainable business practices and enhanced stakeholder engagement.  Our own experiences have shown that tying corporate sustainability initiatives to day to day processes creates alignment across the organization and the entire value chain.  The three primary areas of focus suggested by EBN for enhanced stakeholder engagement include: 

  • People: Strategic management of human resources.
  • Processes: Cross-network visibility and collaboration
  • Processes: Cross-network visibility and collaboration

Drilling down a level to the exploration of exchange information, our sustainability consulting finds that social media is becoming the transparent, engaging, competitive advantage that business sustainability delivers.   We believe there is an ideal role for social media engagement strategies to communicate a broader corporate agenda.  To focus the corporate ear, business sustainability minded organizations are engaging with stakeholders, who have a vested interest in the success of the business and profoundly advance  the sustainability conversation.  Visit with us at Taiga Company to learn how ‘the basics’ of stakeholder engagement are in fact changing the face of business.

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