Business Guide for a Sustainable 2013

image: business growthThe concepts of social responsibility, business sustainability and living a sustainable lifestyle have been around for a long time.  However, these conversations have traditionally been between a smaller set of social and business practitioners.  Today, we are all exploring sustainability as an engrained part of our lives.  We hear about  going green on the radio, in  newspapers, websites, blogs and while we each have a different version of what going green means to us, to our businesses, and how to qualify its meaning.  As the year is quickly drawing to a close, many are asking how to plan for sustainability in 2013.   

Reviewing this past year: Has your organization delayed business sustainability strategies to see how the market responds before taking action? Has management been afraid to commit resources and capital to sustainability initiatives?  Or, has your businesses harnessed the organizational power of sustainability to deliver top and bottom line results?  

Implementing business sustainability in today’s environment can be a delicate balance between planning for today and planning for the future. While many organizations are taking more conservative action, our sustainability consulting finds leading companies are reevaluating and retooling for the future.   The great thing about business sustainability is that it's a fit for both large and small business.  You're invited to read our most recent posts guiding the way for a sustainable 2013.

Within our sustainability consulting practice, we find that integrating sustainability concepts into core business functions makes companies more nimble in a fast-changing world.  It also makes a business’s brands more attractive to consumers and its executive management more respected by employees, regulators and the financial markets. In short, the drivers for improved business sustainability equate to improved performance and cost savings.   

Kick start your 2013 success by finding out what sustainability can mean for your business.  By anticipating and taking proactive steps to address change in the business world, your business will not only capture immediate value but define itself as a business sustainability leader in its industry.

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