Business Sustainability: In the Good Times and the Bad


image: thumbs upWhether your company is just becoming familiar with the concept of business sustainability or is a sustainability leader in an industry, there are sustainable performance improvements that can help move your organization along its continuous business improvement journey.  Determining the criteria and right-fit tools that will move the company up the sustainability learning curve is a critical component in implementation process.   The true value capture from business sustainability will come from the successful implementation of sustainability concepts and strategies into core business functions.   The questions many prospective clients have are: What, When, and How?

“In the upturn, just like the downturn, we need to do more with even less resources.”

Addressing a popular misconception that business sustainability action is more applicable in times of economic challenge, this quote taken from a recent Industry Week article offers a counter opinion.  Reviewing the post, Top Tips for Managing Lean and the Economic Upturn, our sustainability consulting explores the concept of ‘lean’ to illustrate the broader application of business sustainability in any market environment.  The article reminds us:

  • In the upturn, companies can use cash generated in the upturn to continue their journey.
  • In the upturn, there is an opportunity to focus on scaling effective processes.
  • In the upturn, there is time to develop people.

While many businesses often seek to quickly move up the scale, successful organizations identify and implement sustainable business process changes.   Applying the lessons of this ‘lean’ example, our sustainability consulting encourages your company to continue to pursue the value of sustainability in the current economic up-swing.  To learn more about business sustainability and its applications in a wide variety of scenarios, we invite you to visit with us at Taiga Company.

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