Business Sustainability Requires Supply Chain Alignment


image: alignment“Business partners can understand Procurement has value to add but still fail to see the need to engage Procurement in the earlier stages of a new sourcing initiative. Leading organizations quantify the value gained by bringing Procurement in early…’ – Procurement Strategy Council

As the Strategic Sourceror article Change Management in a Dog Eat Dog World  goes on to explain, it is not always so simple to influence sustainable supply chain actions that are outside of an organizations direct control.  Today’s procurement professional must be able to call upon an expanded set of influencers.  This begins with knowledge and preparation.

  • Know the market, at least a little bit – As a sourcing manager, you need to know what to look for:  What is the market doing? Who is the competition? What are the key attributes that drive cost?
  • Pre-empt the pushback – Knowing the issues stakeholders might raise gives you a chance to address them before they bring them up.  It also allows you to pre-empt the pushback with their superiors.
  • Show your expertise –What you are seeking to convey to stakeholders isn’t your knowledge of their industry or your ability to pre-empt their opinions, it’s your expertise in spend analysis, strategic sourcing and negotiation best practices.

Businesses and individuals across the nation and around the globe are feeling the impact of the current economic uncertainty.  Many of our own sustainability consulting clients are feeling the impacts of softening sales and unstable cash flow.   We believe that the companies positioned to weather this temporary set-back are that who capitalize on their strategic relationships.  

Through collaborative stakeholder engagement, a procurement organization can promote engagement, create alignment, and ensure the most effective results.  Our sustainability consulting provides information and resources to clients seeking to optimize their strategic relationships and build a sustainable supply chain.

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