Collaboration Tips for Today’s Business Sustainability Leaders

image: collaboration“Leaders in your organization should embrace a culture where employees are encouraged to question without consequences. Seek contrarian evidence during all facets of the innovation process, from project evaluation to strategy reviews.”  –CEB Views

Following this logic, our sustainability consulting continuously stresses to its clients that there is an opportunity to increase collaboration between internal functions to drive significant value.  In fact, our experiences have shown that achieving real bottom line improvements, whether through cost savings or improved revenues, is dependent on the human element.  These bottom line achievements are the result of close collaboration with key stakeholders  committed to the business sustainability success.  

Discussing further, the recent Forbes Magazine article, The Top 5 Leadership Skills for Sustained Innovation, offers tips to business sustainability minded executives attempting to drive collaborative culture change.  

  • Challenge Your Assumptions: The biggest enemy of innovation is the unspoken attitudes and beliefs we cling to about our customers, markets and businesses.
  • Change Your Perspective: Changing your perspective enables the brain to break out of its rigid thinking patterns and see the world in new and different ways. It opens the mind to new possibilities, and focuses your attention on what could be rather than what is or what was.
  • Ask the Right Questions: Questions offer a powerful tool for opening people up to new ideas and possibilities.
  • Question the right Answer: We often pass over potentially better solutions because we’re so sure the one we have is right.
  • Stop Jumping to Solutions: We often tend to go with the first feasible solution rather than looking for better or different ideas…encourage your team to look for different and/or better solutions.

At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting practice works with executives to build long term business sustainability plans that add value by identifying critical relationships and taking proactive steps to engage those stakeholders in the process.  Through collaborative stakeholder engagement, a company can promote engagement, create alignment, and ensure the most effective results.

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