Components of a Sustainable Business Culture

image: triple bottom line, business componentsWhen you think of "Sustainability" what comes up for you?  It is so big and broad in scope, yet any one definition of it can also be so very small or too defining.  This dual state presents a number of challenges when attempting to focus the business sustainability conversation.  Too often the business world sees only the challenges directly in front of them and limits the range of possibilities to what can be achieved.
For instance, is your company seeking to move up the business sustainability scale?  Are you searching for that singular ‘silver bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ that will solve a specific problem? Or are the organization and its management committed to a more continuous learning mindset change? 
The reality is that executives too often focus on the ‘quick fix’ that will bridge the obstacles faced in the moment, with a simple goal to get back to ‘business as usual’.  The questions might include: How do we mitigate this environmental/social risk, or how do we patch this hole in our supply? 
In this case, sustainability action shows up as a ‘fix’ instead of a ‘change’ or part of the company's business culture.  One opportunity in the business world is to adopt a broader definition of sustainability that is not exclusively regarded as environmental sustainability and expand the definition to all parts of the organization.  Asked frequently within our business sustainability programs, what are the components of a sustainable business culture?     
Thinking of sustainability as a boundless opportunity opens the door to actions beyond what have already been implemented.  This allows an organization and its stakeholders to step beyond traditional roles to bring forward new ideas and create a business sustainability culture. 

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Time: Thursday, April 7, 2011

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