Continued Evolution of Sustainable Category Management in 2012

image: changed priorities aheadEmphasis on environmental awareness, social responsibility, and business sustainability actions within the supply chain has incentivized more progressive companies to begin to evaluate more than just their inbound supply.  Our sustainability consulting finds the once limited procurement function is now expanding its organizational reach to a variety of business sustainability stakeholders.  

Our sustainability consulting experiences revealed that, in 2011, business sustainability action resulted in strategic sourcing and procurement guidelines to align suppliers with defined business sustainability strategies.  The coming year will see these efforts moved even further as external interests continue to make their way into the business world.
“Many procurement functions, including those at FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, have yet to capitalize on opportunities to drive additional value for the business. For example, in addition to strategic sourcing, procurement can engage in end-to-end category management and supplier relationship management.” –Procurement Strategy Council

The Supply Management post,
Delivering Full Potential in Procurement, expands upon this thought as the author explores the evolution of today’s supply chain management strategies.  As pure procurement savings decline, more advanced areas of business sustainability begin to be explored.  Specifically, advanced category management begins to reach maturity with sustainable supply chain management professionals implementing supply chain compliance (internal/external) through aligned stakeholder interests.
Moving forward into 2012, our business sustainability consulting subscribes to the idea that the next generation of ‘sustainable’ category management will
continue to emerge in the New Year.  Focused on a new level of responsibility across all supply chain activities, efforts in 2012 will drive deeper into category value by addressing more pointed supply questions, further aided by social technologies.

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