Create Your Own Green Job

image: green job crossroadsAccording to GreenBiz, a new generation of workers is expecting more from employers. In some cases, companies have responded by promoting eco awareness and creating workplaces that are more appealing to the changing needs of ‘green’ job-seekers

However, traditional work environments still dominate the business world.  This has left many eco-minded employees asking: “How can I transform my current position into something more rewarding and impactful”? 

Our small business resources work with individuals facing similar challenges every day.  We remind them that a key thing to remember is that every job can be a “green job”.  In many organizations, the most innovative ideas are driven from the bottom up by the people who actually understand where the true value lies.

Years of personal consulting experience has taught us that people have a natural tendency to gravitate towards personal passions.  Feelings of joy from achievement will provide reinforcement and a stepping stones.   So why not start there? 

•    Follow sustainability concepts that are of interest to you and provide joy when practiced. 

•    Leave out passionless pursuits. 

•    Engage management by incorporating sustainability concepts in your personal development. 

•    Taking on new sustainability roles and projects in the organization.

•    Becoming a “go-to” person for sustainability knowledge.

•    Become a sustainability leader by seeking out and encouraging others.

Becoming a sustainability leader in your organization does not mean that you need to be in an executive position or even a defined sustainability role.  Follow your eco friendly passions and take on new and exciting opportunities as they become available. Watch your job transform into the sustainability role you always wanted. 

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