Defining Qualities of Sustainability Leaders

image: visionariesThe ability to navigate the complex and uncertain economic circumstances requires more than innovative products and services.  Success is also dependent upon the quality of executive leadership.  Great leaders must be able to influence organizational morale and productivity in order to drive corporate financial success into the black.   In the future, business sustainability will require true leadership.
In our professional consulting practice, we have first hand experience with the value of strong executive support and leadership for business sustainability strategies.   Today, companies are under financial pressure and small business resources are limited.  Businesses can't withstand the impact of poor leadership. 

Poor leadership is easy to spot:
•    Executive and employee turnover.
•    Resistance to change and new ideas.
•    Toxic work environments.
•    Reactive management. 
In our professional consulting, we work with small business executives to refine leadership strategies, improve internal and external communication, bring cohesiveness to the organization and improve employee morale.  With today’s challenges, it's easy to get distracted and to quickly assign blame to others.  Great leadership today requires creating a vision and abilities to clearly articulating that communication.
In contrast, great leaders are equally as visible:
•    Attract commitment and energizes people .
•    Creates meaning in workers' lives.
•    Establishes a standard of excellence.
•    Bridges business sustainability strategies into the future.
•    Transcends the status quo.
As a professional consultant, we ask our executive clients to determine what kind of leader they are seeking to be in the organization.  Often the answers to improvement reside within the organization.  Through stakeholder engagement, executives can define lacking business sustainability leadership qualities.  This can be an opportunity for leadership development, raised eco awareness and a culture change in the organization.

At Taiga Company, our professional consulting brings businesses and individuals from different perspectives together to define value opportunities.  We encourage leaders to engage a variety of stakeholders in order to leverage the diversity of sustainability experiences.

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