Do You Know the Next Steps in Sustainable Supply Chain Management?

image: next stepBusiness implementations over the last few years has revealed that many executives and their procurement organizations now view environmental and social responsibility actions within in the supply chain to be both a risk mitigating strategy and a business opportunity. These corporate actions are taking strategic sourcing and supplier relations to another level of supply chain sustainability. Our sustainability consulting asks: What is the next step in Sustainable Supply Chain Management? 

The CSR Digest recently released a post  which examines today’s value drivers of sustainable supply chain collaboration.  The article describes how long term supplier partnerships at Unilever have become critical to the company’s sustainable growth. 

“Unilever has a bold ambition to double the size of its business whilst halving the environmental impact of its products…t is vital that we work in closer partnership with our strategic suppliers to ensure faster innovations and invest sustainably throughout our value chain.”  -Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever.

Having worked within some of the world’s leading supply chains, our sustainability consulting supports the direction of Unilever.  Similar to the company’s efforts, we recall the comments of the Procurement Strategy Council when enabling suppliers.  To effectively capture supplier innovation, PSC advises companies to focus on three priorities: 

  • Provide suppliers with the right amount of direction
  • Involve business partners in the ideation process 
  • Enable effective IP sharing

By engaging  the knowledge of key supply stakeholders, your business can make significant gains over the competition, which may be unwilling to share information. Our sustainability consulting stresses the importance of a sustainable supply chain management philosophy as part of a larger business sustainability plan.  Visit with us at Taiga Company for more information and business resources to unlock the strategic value of a sustainable supply chain.

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