Do You Know the Sustainable Business Value of the Cloud?

image: the cloud"Cloud providers spend a significant share of their company's operational expense on IT--much more than an average corporation with its own IT department.  This circumstance leads to an increased focus on cost and efficiency improvement, driving optimization of data center and application performance beyond what many businesses can achieve on their own."  -Microsoft-Sponsored Study 

Leveraging technology is a means to reduce emissions, increase worker productivity and also integrate sustainability concepts into the workplace.  However, cloud computing is not simply for big business savings.  Both large and small companies alike are realizing real business sustainability benefits by leveraging the cloud. 

Described further in the recent GreenBiz article, Why the Cloud is Sustainability's Silver Lining, our sustainability tours the multitude of benefits of leveraged computing to the business world.  Presenting real-world examples the post offers insight into the practical benefits to any business.

  • Emissions Savings – The impact of the cloud on CO2 emissions is also potentially huge. A 2010 study from Microsoft, Accenture and WSP Environment and Energy found that moving business applications to the cloud could cut the associated per-user carbon footprint by 30 percent for large, already-efficient companies and as much as 90 percent for the smallest and least efficient businesses.
  • Energy Efficiency – The energy required to power data centers is enormous, and rising fast. In recent years, increased digital communication, record keeping and financial transactions have been pushing up demand for data processing and storage.
  • The Cloud and Renewables – Several leading American tech companies have already made large investments in clean-sourced data centers. Yahoo has an operation in Washington state that draws from a power supply with renewables making up an estimated 88.5 percent.

Iinformation technology computing (ITC) has been argued to be a significant contributor to global emissions yet a ripe area for business sustainability and efficiency.  By incorporating sustainability concepts into the core process, an organization can position itself in a favorable position for the future.  Taiga Company  encourages every business to explore technologies, like the cloud, to enable and further promote business sustainability within the organization.

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