Does Business Sustainability Have a Price Point?

image: money vs. environmentThe surge in business eco awareness has not gone unnoticed by consumers.  With sustainability concepts and definitions subject to interpretation, the same business sustainability actions claimed as "green" are also subject to "greenwash" commentary. As consumers increasingly scrutinize business actions on climate change, they want to see transparent, more credible information on what companies are doing to reduce their environmental impact.

But there is a dilemma. If your business sets forth sustainable business strategies and targets and fails to meet them, will your organization be subject to negative commentary? The intersection of business sustainability and profitability is hotly debated among executives seeking to find the price point where sustainability makes sense. Where does business sustainability align with the business objectives of the business?

Organizations just starting on the path of business sustainability find themselves at a crossroads characterized by a mindset that sustainability and business success are opposing ideas. While we argue in our professional consulting practice that isn't the case, for the early entrants to the conversation, having this precise conversation is THE critical factor. Why? In previous years, sustainable business strategies were not a conversation to be had. By engaging in the discussion, awareness is raised, issues are explored, and collaboration and stakeholder engagement is activated. Mindsets are re-calibrated to include sustainability concepts not previously considered.  The conversation begins to shift from "either /or" to "AND."

Implementing sustainable business strategies in any organization requires a complex mixture of finesse:  realistic, achievable and measurable.  Finding that magical balance is what is required to define the price point for sustainability. Business sustainability is a large topic that affects every business and industry differently. A high priority conversation for one company may not even be on the radar of another. Engaging in the right conversations with key stakeholders can make all the difference.  Need help discovering what business sustainabiity means to your organization and stakeholders?  Contact us to get started today. 

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