Eco Challenge: 45 Ways To Go Green this Weekend

image: think greenWant to go green but just don't know where to start?  Well, great news!  You don't have to be a fantastic to live green and you can get started today.  Going green isn't an all or nothing approach -just a simple transition into making better choices that help our planet as well as our pocket books!  In fact, if you think about your life now, there are probably many eco actions that you are already taking. 

In our sustainability consulting, we like to offer fun challenges to our clients to see how many green things they can do in a day.  Wondering what simple actions you can do today to go green?  Enjoy the following list of eco ations designed to bring eco awareness to your daily living and help support living a sustainable lifestyle.  How many eco actions can you do today?  This weekend? 

  1. Go for a hike in the woods.
  2. Discover how much land area it takes to support your lifestyle with Global Footprint Network
  3. Have a picnic.
  4. Take the kids to the park.
  5. Visit a museum -There are lots of free museums and many others take a donation.
  6. Work on an arts and craft project.
  7. Go paperless for the entire day.
  8. Watch this video on recycling and see how these recycling tips make a big difference in saving our environment while creating green jobs in the process. 
  9. Check out fun online games that challenge your eco-socio-political skills.
  10. Look around your home and office and unplug seldom used appliances.
  11. Learn ways to recycle your junk.
  12. Eat an organic meal or purchase some fruits and veggies from a local farmer's market and compost your vegetable scraps.
  13. Do some bird watching.
  14. Go for a bike ride.
  15. Roller blade, Run, Ski, exercise outdoors. 
  16. Visit the zoo.
  17. Go camping - enjoy the US National Parks system.
  18. Apply the 3 R’s to your closet: reduce by removing clothes you no longer wear, reuse and recycle by donating to a local clothing donation.
  19. Visit a street fair.
  20. Bake organic goodies.
  21. Make a birdhouse.
  22. Stroll through a public garden. 
  23. Work on your own garden. 
  24. Take advantage of local cultural events.
  25. Clean out your house and have a garage sale.
  26. Discover what can be recycled and what cannot!  Can you recycle paint? Hair? Crayons?  Find out here.  Better yet, discover recycling centers near your home by visiting Earth911.
  27. Discover the rewarding sensation of volunteering in your community.  Not sure where to start?  VisitVolunteerMatch and enter your zip code and area of interest to find a perfect volunteer match.
  28. Discover cycling as part of a sustainable lifestyle and as a rewarding personal adventure. 
  29. Take the The 7 Day Green Power Pledge
  30. Subscribe to the Taiga Company newsletter or blog.
  31. Pick up litter you see as you are walking on the sidewalk.
  32. Turn the lights off after someone else has forgotten as they left the room.
  33. Collect scrap office paper and bring it to the recycling center.
  34. Treat a friend to organic fare at a local sustainable restaurant.
  35. Share your favorite green blog with friends….hint…Taiga blog.
  36. Volunteer to clean up the break room and use eco friendly cleaning supplies.
  37. Feed the birds from a park bench or feeder.
  38. Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter.
  39. Donate a bag of organic coffee and share with your office.
  40. Make a contribution to your favorite charity.
  41. Notice and compliment the sustainable efforts other are doing.
  42. As Bill Keane said, “A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away". Share the green love with a friend- inspire them to eco action. 
  43. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for sustainability related news and information.
  44. Enjoy getting outside - reconnect with nature and re-discover the joy and appreciation that nature calls forth from each of us.  That inspiration is the fuel that propels us towards living sustainably in our lives and our communities.
  45. Reduce your personal emissions.  Not sure how? Read: 5 Easy Online Tools to Reduce Personal Emissions 

Have any fun eco tips to add to the list?  



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