Eco Hero or Sustainability Champion: Which One Are You?

image:heroWhat does it take to be an eco hero?  A green cape? Magical powers?  Maybe it's just good green intentions of reducing your carbon footprint or being mindful of our earth's resources. And what about being a champion?  What exactly is a champion?  Most people think of a champion as:

•    a person of a team that comes in 1st place

•    a winner

•    someone who does his best

•    a person who is proud of his accomplishments

•    a success 

To address the complex issues of climate change, carbon legislation, energy, water, and carbon, it's going to take all of us demonstrating eco awareness in our daily lives.  Whether being an eco hero or a sustainability champion, a commitment towards eco action is what is required.  Sounds great but how does one become an eco hero or sustainability champion?

A good portion of our sustainability consulting is really about transformation - personal transformation that identifies hidden treasures in daily habits that unite conscious habits and routines with eco awareness and eco actions to take.  Here's how to invoke your sustainabiity superpowers:   

Create a plan - Personal sustainability programs are about making and sustaining a change in your life that you can be inspired and passionate about.  Although a sustainability plan originates as a comprehensive one, your actions are the expression of that plan in daily life. Eco actions can be anything from riding a bike to work or using eco-friendly office supplies to eating organic healthy meals or recycling.  It can also be about achieving a personal goal, sustaining it, and building from that platform.  Ultimately, it's about making choices that feel good to you and generate an expectation of more and better to come in your life and the environment. 

 Do the green thing via subcategory or importance.  Categorizing gives awareness to the habit change as it relates to the sustainability concept.  For instance, energy consumption and turning off a light as you leave a room, or replacing bulbs, or using an energy strip. Another perspective is to prioritize the habit as it relates to environmental impact.  If your carbon footprint is large due to travel, then exploring ways to reduce your travel. Suggestions made in our eco friendly consulting include: telework, virtual conferences, and green travel options.  

Schedule time.  If the habit requires a new way of doing things, then schedule time to learn the new habit, integrate it into your routine, and make adjustments as you learn.  Bike commuting would be an excellent example of embracing a new habit, reducing your carbon footprint, yet, requiring time to learn and develop a new routine. 

Reward and Review.  The process of linking sustainable living with new opportunities for development creates a personal incentive that further promotes the process.  Sustainable actions are reinforced daily by positive feedback from realizing your personal goals. 

Defining sustainability champions and eco heroes can take many forms.  However, at Taiga Company, we think John Wesley says it best, " “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

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