Eco Your Secret Santa

image: SantaHoliday gift exchanges at work are a great way to build camaraderie and holiday spirit among coworkers. And the ways of exchanging presents are as diverse as the co-workers.
With eco awareness in the office on the rise, holiday office gift giving is an opportunity to extend a corporate sustainability plan to the holiday practices that add meaning to the holidays. 
We mention in our eco friendly training that business sustainability presents the unique opportunity to increase profitability, gain and maintain a competitive advantage over the competition, and create meaningful work in the process.   The key is in value alignment.  But how can organizational values and employee values pair up during the holidays?  Consider making your gift giving count by greening your Secret Santa.
The holidays are about giving, so this year give a little something back to the planet while you are shopping for your holiday gifts.   Giving a little back to the planet can mean using fewer resources just as much as it can mean inspiring others to take eco action in daily living.   It can also mean purchasing products from sustainable businesses.  A gift that meets all requirements: PeopleTowels.  PeopleTowels are the producers of reusable personal hand towels - the eco-friendly, on-the-go alternative to paper towels and air dryers. 
Another option uniting both parents and children in personal sustainability is the book GreenMyParents which ideas for families to work together to save money and save the planet. 
If products aren't your idea of gift giving, ideas presented in the,  Office Gift Exchange Idea, suggests "if your office has a gift exchange, consider some gift alternatives that would either promote the reduction of consumption or support local families."
  • Consider ‘adopting’ a family. Instead of gifts for employees, consider purchasing gifts for one or more local families. Through homeless shelters and family support non profits, organizations can easily find a family in their area.
  • Purchase ‘experience’ gifts. Rather than purchase a tangible item, consider giving gifts that are more experiences such as movie tickets, dinner gift certificates, guided hike tours, or other local services.
  • Fair Trade and Local. If your office still wants to do a gift exchange, promote fair trade and/or local products. 
Integrating sustainability into a business or daily living is more than just a single yes or no decision.  The pursuit of personal and business sustainability is a mindset change that incorporates expanded eco awareness into decision making.  Holidays are a great way to inspire eco action.  Spark some holiday magic by going green this holiday season - it's a gift that keeps on giving.  

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