Energy Efficiency: A Means to Build Brands, EngageEmployees, and Save Money

image: energy efficiencyAccording to the International Energy Agency (IEA), "Energy efficiency offers a powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving a sustainable energy future. Improvements in energy efficiency can reduce the need for investment in energy infrastructure, cut fuel costs, increase competitiveness and improve consumer welfare. Environmental benefits can also be achieved by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and local air pollution."

Better yet, according to a new Deloitte report, improving energy efficiency at America’s businesses is as important to brand building as it is to growing the bottom line.  The study, reSources 2012, shows that while 85 percent of companies claim that electricity cost reductions are essential to staying financially competitive, almost as high a proportion – 81 percent – believe they are critical to brand building.  Deloitte says that there is now a clear consensus in corporate America that energy efficiency is an important competitive advantage and that senior business leaders are beginning to see it as as a strategic business driver.

Within our professional consulting practice, we've consistently made the case for energy efficiency as a gateway  to employee engagement.  By tying corporate sustainability initiatives like energy awareness to day to day processes, it makes makes CSR more personable to an employee and helps employees to identify their role in corporate responsibility.  An added gain includes energy efficient  programs educating and informing workers of best practices in reducing energy consumption that can be applied at home and in the community expanding eco awareness and sustainability concepts from the workplace into the community.

Companies that conserve energy reduce operating costs and improve their bottom line.  How does your company compare with others?  As part of the ongoing research, businesses can go here and measure their own energy efficiency efforts against those of companies surveyed for the reSources 2012 report.   Included below are additional ideas for energy efficiency gains in your business.  

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