Enriching Your Sustainable Business Vocabulary

image: business vocabularyIn our sustainability consulting practice, we often encounter business leaders searching for business sustainability answers and solutions external to their organization.  Too often, these executives view “sustainability” as something outside of or separate from traditional company pursuits.   While an external solution can offer a stand-alone answer, sustainable development is a commitment to change that must align with the drivers of the company.

Exploring further, our sustainability consulting leverages the GreenBiz article, Why Sustainability Execs Should Shun the S-word.  Herein, the author presents an alternative perspective to traditional business sustainability thinking.  Calling for a refrain in promoting individual sustainability concepts, the post argues that business leaders need to integrate sustainability into traditional business and economic pursuits.

“To secure buy-in, sustainability leaders, like other senior positions, also have to balance subject matter expertise with business acumen. The ability to communicate the business case for sustainability in a language that resonates up, down and across an organization, is viewed as crucial to achieving the ultimate objectives.”

While our sustainability consulting does not agree with GreenBiz on the point that leaders should refrain from using “s-words” and expanding eco-awareness, we do agree with the post that leaders need to make sustainability and engrained part of the business.  At Taiga Company, we view sustainability to be an integrated business practice aligned with economic success.  Thus, our professional consulting encourages clients to enrich their internal business practices with a business sustainability mindset

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