Exploring Business Sustainability Motivations


image: where change happens naturallyIn the SustainAbility post, (Leadership) Change of Heart, Mark Lee discusses the ‘action-step’ in a leader’s business sustainability journey.  Describing the ‘release of resistance’ to change as a willingness to admit and accept risk, the obvious next step forward then becomes action to address the threat.

“The transition from accepting sustainability issues to addressing them is a tremendously difficult thing for business leaders to embrace. When issues demand changing or abandoning familiar, comfortable and successful business models, the need to accept risk is inevitable and resistance to this is to be expected.”

While risk is probably the most recognized motivator in business, our sustainability also acknowledges the positive influences of business sustainability action.  We spend a considerable amount of time defining and promoting inspiration, creativity and innovation as powerful sustainability drivers.  Rather than addressing the limiters of business, why not focus on the engines of growth?

  • Increase new revenue streams by responding to shifting market expectations.
  • Stabilize investment dollars and stock performance with an improved business and brand reputation.
  • Promote value creation across the supply chain stakeholders through aligned business sustainability actions.
  • Improve base product lines and expand into new markets by capturing stakeholder inspiration and creativity.

Recognizing sustainability as a goal today and a foundation for the future, action-focused organizations are developing competencies that rivals will be hard-pressed to match. Our sustainability consulting has already observed the ‘action-step’ gap shrink as business leader begin to recognize the positive motivators for change.


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