Finding Your Center in Business Sustainability

image: centerFor years, our sustainability consulting has stressed the importance of incorporating sustainability concepts into traditional business models.  While targeted efforts have proven fruitful to companies around the world, the real question becomes: how does a company expand upon singular successes to make business sustainability an overarching corporate philosophy?

The GreenBiz post, 3 Keys to Making Sustainability Central to Success, seeks to answer this question with a structured approach.  Stepping down the strategic ladder, the article explains how an organization can centralize, integrate, and embed business sustainability into the company culture. 

  • Centralized approach: When a vision first begins to bloom, a centralized approach makes sense with one person leading the way as it can be challenging for an entire company to implement a new initiative from the start. A few direct reports and some supporting groups of leaders might also join the effort.
  • Integrated approach: When sustainability efforts spread across an organization, it moves to an integrated structure. Within this framework, more leaders are developed around sustainability, both within the “sustainability group” and throughout divisions of the company.
  • Embedded approach: After achieving integration, an organization can move towards an embedded structure. Here, the sustainability mission is synonymous with the corporate mission.

Building of a comprehensive and centralized business sustainability plan requires more than the implementation of select business sustainability concepts into internal processes or the supply chain.  Today’s leaders are seeking to define, frame, and engrain “sustainability” as a primary philosophy into every aspect of their organization’s culture.  Visit with us at Taiga Company to learn more.

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