Focused Engagement – A Top Sustainable SCM Priority for 2012

image:  knowledge sharing“Where are the new ideas going to come from? Where are the existing ideas? How are they going to break through to reach our company to our decision makers? How are they going to get past our corporate ivory tower walls to the real decision-makers?” - Kieran Brocklebank, United Utilities

These questions were among the many concerns discussed at the annual Action Sustainability Conference last week in London. Specifically focusing on the topic of sustainable supply chain management, our sustainability consulting agrees with group’s defined actions for the current year – to increase the engagement of the supply chain in innovation and the creation process.  Key ‘take-aways’ include:

  • Bring down costs whilst delivering sustainability 
  • Develop an effective sustainable procurement strategy aligned to your organizational goals 
  • Align your procurement processes to ensure engagement from your suppliers 
  • Effectively monitor the sustainability progress and competence of your supply chain 
  • Understand how much you can expect from your suppliers and ensure it works for them too
  • Create a team of sustainability champions from your procurement team

Our sustainability consulting research and experiences show that today’s sustainable supply chain organizations are focused on integrating sustainability concepts directly into their purchasing processes.  These efforts are designed to not only improve supply chain performance but to establish the next-generation sustainable supply chain management.  

However, success relies heavily on the effective stakeholder engagement with the company’s internal and external business resource.  Taiga Company offers social media engagement strategies to businesses seeking to optimize this communication gateway within the supply chain.

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