From the Bike to the Boardroom – 8 Sustainable Business Attributes

image: bike Today, we find many companies are standing at the crossroads of traditional business and sustainable development asking which road to take.  Our sustainability consulting encourages our clients to look to the leading edge.  Sustainable business leaders are those who are evaluating new markets, new products, and going after the most innovative people.  But that is our opinion, what are others saying?

The recent GreenBiz article, 8 Attributes that Position Your Company as a Green Leader , presents a unique an intriguing perspective on business sustainability.  Authored by a fellow cyclist, the post parallels the strategies of racing with those of corporate competition.

  • Have a strong vision
  • Address critical challenges
  • Propose big ideas
  • Think long term
  • Commit significant resources
  • Show evidence of integration
  • Have a prominent CEO
  • Communicate effectively

At Taiga Company, we see the future of business sustainability going far beyond the implementation of individual sustainability concepts.   Many organizations have already adapted their business models to capture value from sustainable development.  The leaders of tomorrow will continue to push the edge of business sustainability to transform entire industry sectors.  The right strategies and small business resources can help bridge your business into the future.

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