Get Your Green On

image: KermitGreen isn’t just for Kermit the frog.  Green is the new cool and it’s about living a sustainable lifestyle. 

Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle and set of choices that minimizes a person's environmental impact.  Living a sustainable lifestyle or "green living" seems second nature to those living with eco awareness in their life, but as a personal consultant, many of the clients I speak with share their anxiety about where and how to start "living green." 
You can choose a sustainable lifestyle for a host of reasons.  Some clients are inspired to protect natural resources while others are called to a sustainable lifestyle to ensure healthier living.  There are those that embrace a sustainable lifestyle because it makes sense financially.  Regardless of the source of inspiration, many of our clients in our sustainability consulting practice seek an orientation to sustainability to get them started. 
So if you are eco curious, why not get your green on?  Mentioned below are a few of the top sustainable lifestyle posts from Taiga Company to orient you to sustainable living.   Be sure to pass these along to friends, neighbors, and co workers curious about living green.  
Introduction to Sustainability
The Benefits of Living a Sustainable Lifestyle
How Green Living Supports Personal Growth
Personal Sustainability
Components of a Sustainable Lifestyle
What IS a Personal Sustainability Plan?
Green Inspiration
25 Fun Tips to Go Green Today 
Why do You Go Green?
Food for Thought
Be the Change: Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle
15 Random Acts of Green Kindness

Green on the Go
Green Podcast
In my personal consulting, it’s a rewarding day for me when a client finds the value in "going green".  The positive impact on the environment is exponential with more and more people seeking eco awareness in their personal lives and in their work. 

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