Green Cycling: Taiga Company at The Breck Epic

image: The Breck Epic 2012Where do you find inspiration?  At Taiga Company, we find it in nature.  More specifically, from the view of our two wheeled friends, otherwise knows as bikes. Bikes offer so many benefits  and our love of bikes stems from the fact that bike riding a bike can take you places otherwise unreachable.  

This week, as part of a nature loving and bike riding adventure, I will be racing in an endurance mountainbike stage race knows as The Breck Epic.  Held  in Breckenridge, Colorado, the six day stage race will have  the racers riding about 240 miles and climbing just shy of 37,000 vertical feet.   You might be wondering:  What is a stage race? What is endurance mountain bike racing? And how does this relate to sustainability? 

For starters, a stage race is one of the most grueling sporting events in existence today.   The race is held over the course of several days – in this case, 6 days – and consists of several days in which racers will ride their bicycles over long distances.  Specific to the Breck Epic, most of the racing will be at 10,000' which translates to adventure racing,  extreme backcountry mountain biking, and harder efforts but also, glorious scenic views.  Endurance mountain bike racing requires a combination of muscle strength, cardiorespiratory stamina and muscular endurance, in addition to proper riding technique, good nutrition and excellent bicycle set-up  .  One of our favorite aspects of this race is that The Breck Epic is green!  

  • There is a rabid anti-litter policy. Drop a gel packet on purpose and face disqualification.
  • The purchasing of renewable energy credits for our facilities partners as payment for use.
  • Recycling receptacles throughout the venue and start/finish areas.
  • Compostable serving ware and a Styrofoam free environment.
  • Organic meals made with local ingredients.
  • ‘Zero-landfill’ status – everything used will be able to be reused or recycled.
  • A partnership with Summit County’s High Country Conservation Center focusing on their soon-to-be-launched carbon offset program.

We invite you to join the fun this week in my 6 day race.  We'll be covering the race with blog post, sustainability related sponsors of the event, pictures, and our experiences as they unfold.  If you are in Breckenridge, Colorado for the event, make sure to stop by and say hi! 


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