Green Cycling: Why Taiga Company is Racing in Breckenridge, Colorado at The Breck Epic

image: Breckenridge, Colorado Taiga Green Cycling Inspiration is a source of life.   What fuels our souls and calls us to become more in our lives differs from person to person in as much as how one chooses to fulfill these needs.  It seems our society in general has shifted from appreciating the resources our planet provides to us.  Pleasure, health and happiness can be derived from the very aspects of our world that are oftentimes taken for granted - nature.  Breckenridge, Colorado may be the very synonym for nature.   A perfect mountain town with stunning scenery, an impressive cultural heritage and a quaint Victorian atmosphere, Breckenridge is a year-round playground for nature lovers.  

In particular, this week, Breckenridge, Colorado is Taiga Company's playground as we participate in the six day, endurance mountain bike stage race known as The Breck Epic.  But there's more to love about Breckenridge, Colorado other than it's our home for the next few days.  Perhaps the fact that it is designated as a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists  is a reason but more importantly, the town of Breckenridge embraces sustainability.  The town's sustainability plan is knows as SustainableBreck and includes addressing sustainability concepts and taking eco action in important areas including:

  • Resource Conservation 
  • Local Economy
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Housing
  • Forest Health
  • Child Care
  • Land Use
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Recreation and Open Space

Related to the endurance mountain bike race held in Breckenridge, The Epic is the cornerstone event of the parent organization, The Greenspeed Project (501(c)3 status pending) . The Greenspeed Project uses the medium of ‘distinctive backcountry events’ to raise both eco awareness and hard dollars in the service of sustainability, stewardship, and responsible use.  "These are the hallmarks of all Greenspeed Project events. Because protecting the backcountry is just as important as enjoying it."

Join me in today's adventure.  Here's a look at today's course profile.  Interested in learning more about the race?  Check it out here

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