Has Sustainability Moved Beyond Incremental Change?

image: breakthrough generationWe have all heard the expression, ‘bigger is better’.  However, our sustainability consulting experience has proven that  in an evolving business environment this does not always  hold true. Business sustainability in today’s dynamic and fast changing market requires an equally flexible organizational response.  In fact, we find that large corporate leverage is being overtaken by nimble organizations more intimately connected with their employees, investors, suppliers, and customers.  But how does this actually show up in the real world?

In the Guardian post, Breakthrough Innovation: Getting Beyond Incremental Improvements, the author describes how big companies must now start acting like entrepreneurs if they are to drive the breakthrough innovation and maintain business sustainability.   Referring to responses from last year’s Forum for the Future - Sustainable Business Model Group, the post goes on to explain that many companies today are actually struggling with their own internal breakthrough innovation.  In contrast, the innovation leaders are looking to nontraditional sources of inspiration and transformative change.

  • Bupa has used internal competitions to engage staff in all global business units in sustainability challenges.
  • Procter and Gamble has established an innovation fund to finance the development of disruptive innovations and of new businesses.
  • Sony used hothousing to explore how technology can enable sustainable lifestyles in the future.
  • Marks and Spencer have a conscious collaboration with Oxfam that allows M&S customers to take their unwanted clothes to M&S stores instead of throwing them away.
  • Unilever has recently launched an open innovation online platform to gather and assess ideas from outside the company to bolster sales of new products and improve environmental practices.

At Taiga Company, we encourage companies seeking to build business sustainability plans and strategies that promote breakthrough growth through a variety of mediums.  By leveraging multifunctional resources, tighter lines of communication and close working relationships both internal and external to the organization, our sustainability firmly believes that any organization can quickly adapt and capitalize on business sustainability value.  Visit with us to learn more.

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