How Do You Socialize Today’s Sustainable Work Teams?

image: socialize teams“People have evolved to become extremely good at dynamically adapting to our social environment. In teams, we constantly synchronize and modify our actions and expectations to keep them aligned with those of our collaborators…So managers of virtual teams should have dual, complementary objectives: structure and socialize.”

A passage taken from the Harvard Business Review post, Managing a Virtual Team, which examines the challenges of today’s multi-locational work dynamics.  With more companies expanding globally and offering remote connectivity, the traditional manager must expand upon his/her skills to allow for a broader span of resources.  But what is the optimal solution?  HBR offers some basic facilitation questions for virtual teams and their leaders to consider:

  • When and how often do we need to meet face-to-face (FTF)?
  • What is the best technology solution for my team?
  • How do I coordinate work among dispersed members?

Popular text and research now points towards the power in leveraging internal and external stakeholder knowledge as a business catalyst.  Focusing on the characteristics of today’s leading organizations, our sustainability consulting continuously examines the role that leveraged resources play in today’s business sustainability success.   

For this reason, Taiga Company encourages clients to be aware of the talents of their resources through virtual environments.  Come visit with us to learn how to connect your business through enhanced stakeholder and social media engagement.

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