How Employee Engagement is Driving Real Business Value

image: employee engagement While executive management is often the most noted component of any business success story, it is not the only direction from which leadership comes. Our sustainability consulting practice finds that business sustainability leaders do not typically wear suits or sit in offices on the top floor. They are the ‘front-line’ employees with the eco awareness and passion to take action to make change.

Demonstrated by countless examples over the years, the surest way toward environmental and business sustainability is to engage an entire workforce from all angles.  Traditional ‘top-down’ approaches typically limit the flow of innovation and inspired action.  In contrast, approaches that enable employees  to define and implement business sustainability ideas are often the most successful.

The Environmental Leader post, Earning a Return on Energy , provides insight into innovative ways to incentivize employees.  This article explores non-traditional methods, which have become a more sustainable solution to engaging and incentivizing business sustainability action.

“For many years, companies, institutions and organizations have rewarded building occupants (employees, students, contractors, etc.) for their good ideas or good results in saving energy. The rewards in some organizations have ranged from acknowledgement, trophies, gift certificates, cash and even vacations. Surprisingly, giving cash does not always result in the greatest reaction and long-term appreciation, as most people use reward cash to pay their personal bills, and then the reward is forgotten.”

Our own sustainability consulting spends a considerable amount of time and effort working with clients to enhance their internal stakeholder engagement strategies.  To help get started, here are a few tips to further facilitate eco awareness and employee-driven leadership across the organization.

  • Engage management by incorporating sustainability targets as part of your personal performance metrics. 
  • Include sustainability concepts in your personal development plan.
  • Take on difficult projects where there is opportunity to make significant sustainable change in the current operation of the company.
  • Look for opportunities to link value and sustainability in all work activities and projects.
  • Become the person in the organization that others look to for sustainability knowledge and innovative ideas. 

Visit us at Taiga Company to learn more.  Our professional consulting provides information and resources to clients seeking to redefine traditional business sustainability strategies by enabling sustainability leadership across all areas of their organization.  

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