How Much Are We Recycling America? Today is America Recycles Day

image: America Recycles Day 2011Why does the recycling symbol have three chasing arrows? 
Each arrow represents one step in the three step process that completes the recycling loop. The first arrow is the collection step. The second arrow is the manufacturing process in which recyclable materials are converted into new products and the third arrow represents the step where consumers purchase products made with recycled content.
Today is America Recycles Day and consumers and businesses alike are taking eco action on the first step in the recycling symbol.  Today is a day of enhanced eco awareness regarding the importance of recycling, educating on the” how and what” to recycle as well as inspiring others to take eco action and commit to recycling for the next year and beyond.
Recycling is part of a corporate or personal sustainability plan and offers several benefits aside from the obvious environmental attributes.  Businesses can lower cost for waste removal, capture tax credits for recycling market development, and link a corporate sustainability plan to an employee's daily activity through recycling programs.  
We've found in our eco friendly training, that most people living a sustainable lifestyle help the recycling effort by putting materials in their recycling bin but fail to realize the importance of completing the recycling loop by purchasing recycled products and reusing items. 
Also, a common question asked in our eco friendly training is how to reduce consuming in the first place?  That addresses the sustainability concept of reuse from a different angle - that is, if you need to buy one item for a single use, how can you avoid purchasing it?  You can do your party by taking eco action to consume sustainably.   Next time you are ready to buy, educate yourself with eco awareness.  We state in our sustainability consulting practice, recycling resources are plentiful!  Get in on the action and take eco action today - Recycle! 

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