How Sustainability can be a Means for Staff Retention

image: employee trainingA newly-published survey findings suggest that development opportunities play a crucial role in staff retention.  More than 500 people from 33 countries responded to a recent survey conducted by assessment and development consultancy Cubiks, which asked respondents about their opinions on development and talent management.  Their responses demonstrated that employees valued development opportunities offered by employers.

Furthermore, according to research, best-in-class talent management companies generate as much as 7% greater revenue and profit performance over their less talent-focused peers. However, 8 out of 10 business executives are either uncommitted to or ineffective at talent management.  So how can your executive management team become a ‘green’ talent champion  and boost the sustainable performance its organization?  

To meet the challenges of a competitive job market, progressive business leaders are focused on retaining their organization’s existing sustainable competencies rather than simply acquiring new skills.  Our sustainability consulting practice finds many talent managers are utilizing internal ‘sustainable’ resource development as one such path.  Some noted areas of focus include:

  • Tap into the growing enthusiasm for sustainability within the business.
  • Link business value and sustainability in all work activities and projects.
  • Challenge each individual to engage  in business sustainability programs through their current roles.
  • Create training and development programs aligned with business sustainability improvement.
  • Create job advancement and promotional opportunities through applied sustainability concepts and business improvement.

Highly effective organizations in the current climate recognize that the talent of the future does not exclusively or even in a large part reside outside the walls of the current organization.  Instead, these leaders are creating business sustainability cultures which identify, retain and motivate their top internal eco-talent.  Through clear communication and active employee engagement, companies are creating an optimal mix of sustainable skills for the future. 

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