How Your Expectations Shape Sustainability Reality

image: expectations and realityThe bigger the dream, the more you aspire to become.  Dreams are great - they inspire us. However, inspiration without eco action is only good intent.  A question to ponder is, what do you expect from yourself?  "We tend to live up to our expectations". -E. Nightingale 

Change is at hand.  The beliefs of the past are being replaced with the personal and business sustainability ideas of today.  Business sustainability leaders realize the speed and quality of their response to business sustainability opportunities will ultimately affect company profitability.  Letting go of traditional approaches and creating a culture of  expanded eco awareness is the first step.  All change begins with an idea and an openness to explore the boundaries of the current world.  Within our sustainability consulting, we observe that those making the biggest strides are not necessarily the ones who have the greatest capacity, the financial means or even the most resources.  The ones who implement change are those who simply want to change and are committed doing it. 

Too often the business world sees only the challenges directly in front of them and limit the range of possibilities to what has already been achieved.  Like many others, we seek to go beyond the bounds of the current state and explore the avenues of business sustainability that will bridge this gap.

One opportunity in the business world is to adopt a broader definition of sustainability that is not exclusively regarded as environmental sustainability.  That is one limiting factor to sustainability and a misconception as to what it addresses. What are the tools you need to be around for the long term? What is your long-haul strategy?  Business sustainability can be a powerful organizing approach to deliver long term business value while simultaneously addressing current social, environmental, and resource issues.  

On a personal nature, benchmarking your impacts in a sustainable lifestyle is one way to measure success but what happens when you reach your goals?  Are your dreams and expectations big enough to have something larger and more inspiring to live in to? 

  • Do you let yourself off the hook or push the envelope?
  • Do you look for new ways to integrate sustainability concepts into your habits?
  • Are there other areas of a sustainable lifestyle that you've dreamed about exploring? 

Have you noticed the correlation between expectations and results?  The expectations that you set for yourself will determine your actions. If you expect to succeed, you will likely do so. Likewise, if you expect to fail, you definitely will. Thing big and shape a powerful reality for a better world.   

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