Increasing Business Sustainability Competitiveness through Energy Management

image: energy Growing demand in the world’s largest consuming nation, US electric providers are looking to the sustainability concept of energy efficiency to create capacity.  But what are businesses doing to capitalize on these advances?  Is your company aware of the financial advantages in taking proactive action?

A new report from Pike Research, U.S. Industrial Companies Must Embrace Energy Management to Remain Competitive, examines these very questions.  Targeting the most heavily burden industries, the research explores the latest technologies and the true business sustainability opportunities that await progressive business action.

“New technologies are allowing great insight into energy procurement and use, as well as the management of energy as an input to the industrial process.  At the same time, a variety of assistance programs, plus new standards and certifications, are helping to drive energy performance initiatives into the organizational cultures of companies wishing to gain efficiencies in their industrial processes.”

New sources of energy combined with energy conservation, reduction, and management are essential for business sustainability and a brighter future.  Thus, our sustainability consulting advises clients on ways to incorporate energy efficiency and source control as not only a best business practice but as a true financial  advantage.  Visit with us Taiga Company to learn more.

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