Is Carbon Keeping You Up at Night?

image: restless sleepAs the discussion continues on the true impact of emissions on climate change, many companies are reevaluating the potential immediate impacts and longer term business risks pending global policy and domestic legislation may have on their company’s operations.  The result of this evaluation has many business leaders up at night worried about the future.

We find executives asking:
•    What will the final cost be to our business?
•    Can our customers afford this added cost if left unmanaged?
•    What is our organization doing to mitigate the risk?
•    What plans do we have for an on-going reduction plan?
•    Will the business survive this uncertain future?

With expanding global climate discussions and pending US legislation on the immediate horizon, it has become critical for many companies to have comprehensive business sustainability strategies to address emissions.  Our sustainability consulting experiences over the last few years has revealed that companies are beginning to understand the risks and costs associated with both their direct and indirect exposure and taking action to address the risk.  Some of the observed business sustainability strategies include:

•    Risk Mitigation – Building a framework to quantify and mitigate the risk from the potential impacts of climate policies and legislation.

•    Direct Risk Management – Implementing a long-term emissions management plan with resources to monitor, control and reduce direct outputs from company operations.

•    Indirect Risk Management – Establishing supply chain and distribution standards and policies to improve efficiencies and reduce indirect emissions.

For all those executives out there tossing and turning in your sleep, why wait to address the impacts of carbon?  By taking proactive measures, your business can not only address the risk but can gain a competitive advantage.  At Taiga Company, we offer professional consulting and small business resources to companies seeking to implement business sustainability strategies to reduce emissions.

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