Is Enterprise Sustainability Management the New Business Frontier?

image: FrontierFor the past few years, companies both large and small have recognized and realized the value of integrating eco awareness into their operations and business strategies.  Our sustainability consulting practice has always believed that these business sustainability successes have been a stepping stone to a broader change in the business world.  This day may just be on the horizon.

“Experts see signs of a new historic trend in the way that industry leaders pursue their goals through more effective management of sustainability information.  Companies around the world are gravitating toward a unified strategy for enterprise sustainability management that standardizes and consolidates a broad spectrum of data and workflows across the organization. They are using this holistic approach to address proliferating challenges in environmental, health and safety, operational risk management, product stewardship, energy, carbon, and beyond. Successful companies are integrating sustainability initiatives from all of these areas into core business operations in order to drive operational excellence.” 

This quote taken from a recent Environmental Leader post, Enterprise Sustainability Management – Emergence of a New Paradigm, highlights a significant change with respect to business sustainability strategies and sustainability concepts.  Leveraging the combined insights of LNS Research, ERM Information Solutions, OSIsoft, HIS, we are presented with a new frontier for business sustainability.

The landscape of business is rapidly changing, and companies have to respond.  Recognizing the need for change and taking action can get a business on the right track is no longer a luxury that the traditionalist can ignore.  At Taiga Company, our sustainability consulting advises clients to implement solutions that are in alignment with stakeholder needs and add value to the organization.  We invite you to engage with us to learn more.



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